Did you know that there are many ways to enjoy Girl Scouting besides being in a troop?

Fun, flexible programs that only meet 6 to 8 times over weeks or months with trained volunteers? We call these different ways to be a Girl Scout “Pathways” and the newest programs of the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage are called Series.


Through an in-school, once-a-week program, the Girl Scouts Visions Program empowers girls in 4th through 6th grades to envision a confident, healthy, powerful future by learning to appreciate their unique identity and gaining the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices about relationships and life.

In the Visions program:

Friendship Bracelets• Girls learn about positive decision-making, problem solving, communication, leadership, and are empowered to make healthy decisions.

• Girls are provided remarkable opportunities to gain positive values and contribute to society as leaders, thinkers and responsible citizens.

• Through presentations, cooperative group discussions and girl-led activities, girls will discover who they are and their unique abilities and talents, gaining clear vision to help them make healthy choices about relationships and responses to the voices and images of the media.

Interested in volunteering for Visions?

The program accommodates busy schedules and allows for flexibility. You can volunteer to work with girls when it best fits your schedule. As a Visions volunteer, you’ll receive extensive curriculum with fun activities to help engage girls. You’ll provide girls with remarkable opportunities to gain positive values and contribute to society as leaders, thinkers and responsible citizens.

For more information, contact Martha Snyder at msnyder@girlscouts-ssc.org or call 208-377-2011 ext. 107.